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Sunday 21 October 2018
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Feeder means something which give foods. This machine is used for loading or feeding machines such as jaw crusher, Hydrocone crusher ,….
Of course as its usage is variable, its kind is different base on its usage, too .
Usage of this machine will be so important at the beginning or during production so that if it is not present there, the operation will be done very slowly or it is not possible to product .
Whenever production capacity exceeds more than a limit of about 10 ton per hour, no human force is able to give appropriate charge to the machine, so that we should use loader continuously and its costs are so expensive or use feeder with a low cost which has loading benefit for production line .

Using feeder :
Consuming electricity resulted from shocks to the machine and electricity system because of high increase of charge  which usually caused by loader, was decreased  and prevent costs such as depreciation of machine parts or electrical panel and electromotors .
Also operation results will be more and product increase with better quality .
In lots of cases need to human forces will decrease to the minimum or eliminated
As said above because of variety of usage and also production capacity, volume and capacity of this machine are variable and it is possible to design and manufacture them in different capacities .
Productive feeders of this complex depending to type of work, materials, its size and amount, divided to following types :
1-    Vibrating Feeder
2-    Greasly Feeder
3-    Chain Feeder

Table of technical features of different kinds of productive feeder produced by this complex

Machine Weight (Kg)

Machine Dimension (mm)

Engine speed(r/min)

Engine Power (Kw)






k-ss F1





k-ss F2





k-ss F3

Dimensions & sizes of machines are changeable according to costumers' need .


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