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Sunday 21 October 2018
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Hydrocone Crusher


Hydrocone Crusher is one of different kinds of cone shaped crushers which are used as initial or secondary crushers in mines. Tight structure, high power and capacity in crushing stones easy adjusting , low cost for maintaining and repairing are unique specifications of this machine.
Crushing operation in this machine will be done by closing the distance between Mantles ( which are located on shafts ) and Concave ( Which is inside the main body, i.e. Topshell ) .
All abrasive parts of this machine are made up Molybdenum Manganese Steel which is highly resistant against abrasion .  
In order to prevent any vibration in machine, switch is installed on vibration damper .
Machine operation is controlled by electrical panel which has ability to be conversed to manual or full-automatic state .
Changing size of mantle opening which is on the base of inch, it is possible to excavate different products from this machine .
In order to maintain this machine for a longer time and in a good condition, automatic lubrication system having continuous oil flow and pouring on floor rotation, bronze covers, gear and shafts .
Spider of shaft head was independently lubricated and shaft pinion and its container has lubricating system in the method of whirlpool .
While stopping, since the electricity is off, pressing a switch and in a while the main shaft ( mantle ) will turn down and the machine will be discharged and again ready to work .

Table of technical features of different kinds of Hydrocone Crusher produced by this complex: 




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