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Sunday 21 October 2018
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Superior Crusher


Superior Crusher since the opening is very large will be used as initial crusher .
Crushing operation in crushers will be done by closing the gap between mantle ( which is located on main shaft ) and concave ( which is installed inside the main body i.e. Topshell ) .
This gap is opened and closed by eccentric which is located in lower part of main shaft and makes main shaft to rotate. By changing OSS (Opening between Mantle and Concave) by lifting Jack, it is possible to change analysis of output charge .
Also by changing the eccentric size of machine ( crank amount ) it is possible to change passing speed and amount of output charge. All main parts of the machine which are directly related to charge are made up Molybdenum Manganese Steel which has high stability against friction.
This crusher is installed on its chassis together with hydraulic and cooling oil tank . 
Electrical panel of machine is changed to Full-Automatic and Manual state and machine function could be controlled through this panel .
Difference between Superior Crusher and Hydrocone crusher is in top shell that in Superior Crusher, this part is completely different and has more height which leads to enlarge opening and in addition to entering largerstones, production capacity will increase, too .

Superior Crusher Features :
•    Using as initial and secondary crusher in mines .
•    High ability in crushing hard stones .
•    Appropriate for producing lots of pebbles  and sands .
•    High capacity  because of having large opening  for charge .
•    Very stable structure and high resistance during crushing .
•    Manufacturing abrasive parts from Manganese steel .
•    High results and decreasing maintenance costs with three automatic lubrication systems .
•    Facility in carrying and installing because of law weight

Table of technical features of different kinds of Superior Crusher produced by this complex :



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