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Sunday 21 October 2018
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Sand washing


Sand washing

it is used in order to separate and wash product in crusher establishment and processing mineral materials and sand and usually is installed beneath of 1st vibrating screen .
A-    Helical sand washing : materials will pour into sand washing pool together with water and will be sent to output door by helical and consumed water will be sent out .
This sand washer is manufactured in two mono-helical and bi-helical and with standard height and width .
Effective elements in capacity of helical sand washer includes diameter of helical, helical rotating speed, pool volume, step and spiral .
Benefit of productive sand washers of this complex is in manner of manufacturing its pool which was drawn in the form of hexagon to decrease corrosion to the Min. and increase machine life time, remarkably .

Table of technical features of different kinds of helical sand washing produced by this complex: 


B-    Rotating (Pocket) Sand Washing : it is an ideal machine for high capacity production line. Very low speed of rotating wheel (one to three times a minute) and big water pool which make waves to the minimum and high output height of muddy water, all will lead to Max.  Sedimentation of sand filter and it produces very soft and good quality and low humidity sand against helical sand washer .

Table of technical features of different kinds of rotating sand washing produced by this complex: 

Engine Power (kw)

Wheel Diameter

Width & Diameter

Machine Diameter

Length X Width X Height

Machine Weight (Kg)

Capacity (t/hr)







k-ss W3

Dimensions & sizes of machines are changeable according to costumers' need .


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