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Sunday 21 October 2018
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Vibrating Screen



Vibrating Screen

means separator and dividing tool. This machine will be used for granulation of natural constructional materials in order to feed secondary crusher and broken in order to separating output constructional materials from crushers .
In order to optimum use from useful surface of the net, vibrating screens will be made in different length, width and categories  and are able to granulate materials in different capacities base on ton/ hour .
Vibrating system of vibrating screens are made up one or two eccentric shafts and adjustable weights installed on very powerful ball bearings and insulated against humidity and dust which transfer circular vibration to special twisted springs .
Main body of the vibrating screen is a complex of tightly welded steels which are an appropriate and stable base for installing nets; this body is installed on steel chassis and double basis which whistles for output materials are connected to them .
In order to increase separation percent in granulating materials, vibrating screens will be made with appropriate slope .
 Moving force of vibrating screens are electromotors which are connected to vibrating screen axis by propeller shaft .

Table of technical features of different kinds of Vibrating Screens produced by this complex :

Max. Weight of Machine (Kg)

Machine Dimension (mm)

Engine Power (Kw)

Vibrating Screen Net

Floor Number





As ordered


k-ss S1




As ordered

2 & 3

k-ss S2




As ordered

2 & 3

k-ss S3

Dimensions & sizes of machines are changeable according to costumers' need. 


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